June 9, 2014

Stuffed Mini Peppers

I love any excuse to throw a party!

But to throw a party last minute...that can be kind of scary.

Enter in the Kentucky Derby. My friend wanted to have a party but ended up having more guests than his small place could afford.

Enter him asking me to host it.

I needed some quick and easy things to put together, so enter stuffed mini peppers!

Basically this picture shows the fastest and ugliest way I could have done them, but they are good. I opted to stuff some with pimento cheese and cream cheese with a white wine pesto. You can also use goat cheese as well. The nice thing about them is you can serve them warm or cold. If you want to serve them warm, bake them for about 10-15 minutes or until the peppers are softened and the cheese is hot and bubbly.

Everyone seemed to enjoy them at the party. I know I always enjoy them and feel a lot healthier going for the peppers than another round of chips and dip.

Perfect pairing with plenty of mint juleps to go around.

Oh and might I take a mention to say at this party we put all the horses name in a hat and randomly drew from them putting in equal parts money per draw. I was the second to last to draw and there were two names left. One being California Chrome....

Sure didn't draw it.


  1. okay so call me silly but I didn't watch the horse races, we were in tornado warnings all day, and then I hear the owner of that horse apparently threw a fit. What exactly happened?

    Oh well, I probably wouldn't have watched anyway because partying is more fun ;)

  2. What a clever idea for stuffed peppers! I never thought to use them for an appetizer but I bet these were delicious!


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