July 24, 2014

7 Tips for a Successful Cruise Ship Experience

So as I have recently been bragging here and here, I went on an Alaskan Cruise. This was my second cruise. my first one was my honeymoon. The first time was just Kevin and I, and the second time was a group. Now that I have some cruise experience. (Although side note, there are people who have seriously cruised a whole year plus of their life! That is crazy!) I thought I would put my own two cents in for some of you first time cruisers.

Explore the ship--  Cruise ships are huge. If you take the time to tour it, you will be able to see all there is to offer and be able to plan your days better.

Walk the Deck--  Not the plank ;-) Cruise ships have a ton of food, so you pretty much do need to get some sort of workout in each day. There is a gym and I took some of the classes, but I skipped the machines. Go out and walk the deck that goes the whole way around the cruise ship. (usually a mid deck 6-8) Because really how often do you get to walk a mile or two in the middle of the ocean. It is beautiful!

Take the Stairs--  See previous. Don't get huge. 

Save Money--  Personally I have done the cover charge to get into the "Specialty Restaurants." Not worth it in my humble opinion. Cruises can be an amazing bang for your buck in going on a vacation. Keep it that way! I promise you will still have so much fun! (Oh and if you don't get lured into the soda and alcohol packages, you can save money and calories that way too!)
Can you tell I really like my wine?!

You may not Need a Balcony--  See the above on saving money. I was very glad that I saved the money for no balcony on my first cruise with no scenic cruising. Sitting out on top decks suited me just fine! Who wants to be in their room the whole time anyway?! But for the Alaska cruise with scenic cruising days, a balcony was a necessity in my opinion. So bottom line, if there is scenic cruising, get a balcony, if not, save your money!

Give them your Luggage--  They will take good care of it. 75% of the time, your luggage is waiting for you outside of your room when you get there. Just keep the essentials on your person and leave the rest to them.
In many cases your luggage will await you on board your cruise ship!

Save on Excursions--  They can be far cheaper if you seek them yourself and really cheaper if you get them from the dealers themselves. A lot of the companies contract with the cruise liners anyway so you know they will get you back when you need to be or you can plan for some extra time. Heck you can even buy them as cheap as they come when you get off the boat that day. Be adventurous and flexible and you never know what fun there could be had!

Enjoy yourself! Cruises are fun!


  1. We've considered cruising but I'm afraid we'd be bored for some reason. So that's why we've been doing all inclusive with everything included. Maybe a cruise in the future.

  2. These are great tips! I absolutely love cruises..they really are a bang for your buck!

  3. These are great tips! Someday I'll go on a cruise... :-)

  4. This is great info! I've never been on a cruise but my parents did an Alaskan cruise recently and loved it as well!

  5. Fuuun!! I've never gone on a cruise, but I'll definitely have to remember the one-bottle-per-person piece of advice! :)

  6. Those are great tips! I have never been on a cruise but had looked into it a few times. Hopefully some day we will bite the bullet and do it! I didn't know many cruise lines allow you to bring a bottle of wine and never thought of putting them in shoes to make sure they don't bust! So jealous of your Alaskan cruise! How amazing! Was it cold? I'm gonna have to go back and read your post about it!

  7. We're going on a cruise again in September & I can.not.wait.

  8. I love to go on cruises. I really want to do the Alaska one you just did. Wanna go again? haha

  9. So helpful since I have never been on a cruise! I'll have to call you when I'm ready to go on my first one!

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