July 11, 2014

Alaska Recap

Kevin and I got back in June from a cruise with his family in Alaska.
It was truly beautiful. Words cannot describe.
If you get the chance to go on an Alaskan Cruise....DO IT!
And then do a photo dump post like I am about to so I can relive it!

We flew into Seattle and tried to take it in quickly for the night. On the flight back we were able to stop in for a tired breakfast with one of my girlfriends. So much fun!

I tried to recreate the Windows Background. Not quite...light was not right at all at 9pm at night....
This is the Windows Background....


Then we spent a couple days in Vancouver. This desert gal loved the green!

It was a hard hike! Had to sit!
And of course Kevin took a picture.

On another day we visited Granville Island. I would die for that Farmer's Market!

I mean come on those flowers are cheap and gorgeous!!

And then we went to Stanley Park and rode a bike around! First time riding a bike as an adult and I didn't fall! YAY!

Then we were on the cruise and headed to Ketchikan! We went hiking there and it was my favorite hike of the whole trip. My legs got a work out. Also the hardest hike I have ever done by far!

The views were worth it though!

The hike was the Dear Mountain Hike. This hike has three look out points. Look out point #2 is close to #3 and really #3 isn't anymore special than #2 which was my favorite. I guess by going to #3 that means you have pretty much hit the top. #BraggingRights

Hey cruise ships I see you!

The next city we hit was Juneau. We went whale watching there in the morning and in the afternoon did a hike off of the Tram on Mount Roberts

I got lots of whale tail!  ;-) SO amazing!!

We saw so many bald eagles and other little wildlife. This is Lady Baldimar. She is on Mount Roberts and was rescued after she was shot and tore her retina. 

Then back on the cruise ship again. We had some scenic cruising days as well, but that is for another post. We kept ourselves very happy with lots of food and lots of fun on the cruise!

This is my "I am going to kick your butt face" at chess. I learned to play while on the cruise! Thanks Husband!

So then we headed Skagway. This was my least favorite town. Total tourist trap. At least there was more hiking though! We did the Lower Dewey Lake hike.

Kevin and I were the only ones to see a bear out of his whole family. We saw it on our hike in Ketchikan. Kevin's cousin really wanted to see a bear, so I threw in a couple bear sightings for her ;-)

What a friendly bear!
I think this is the most pictures I have ever had in a post.

Places we ate and did business:

Austin's American Grill--- Close to the airport but really meh.
Link Light Rail--- Best way to get around in my opinion, fast, clean, affordable, and convenient.
Portage Bay Cafe--- Really cute place. We went to the university one. The french toast is best I have EVER had.
Amtrak--- I was super impressed! Best way to get me to Vancouver in my humble opinion!

Falafel Maison--- Really quite yummy. A whole in the wall for sure.
The Templeton--- Friendly service for sure and a really yummy dish called Mangled eggs. I always wish for more cheese, but other than that good. You will most likely have a wait time to sit! Cramped restaurant.
Goldies Pizza and Beer Lounge--- Totally not impressed with the service at all. Pizza was alright. Good crust!
Westin Grand--- I love staying at any Weston!
Spokes Bicycle Rentals--- Very friendly, nice, and nice bikes!
Cafe Medina--- Top rated place in all of Vancouver to eat breakfast. I sure enjoyed it! Everything on the menu was good and the staff is super patient when you can't decide which yummy choice to make.
Purple Olive Grill--- Do not go. There are SO many better choices out there. Cheap and edible, but that is all I can say.
Canada Line--- Their version of a light rail. Clean and nice! Def a great way to transport yourself from point A to point B
SeaBus--- Really fun way of transport for this desert girl. I loved it! Affordable too.
False Creek Ferries--- Affordable and easy! Fun!

Whatever random cab service you can find. Most down to earth, regular cabbies you will ever meet!

Mt. Robert's Tramway--- There are people who ride with you on the way up and way down to give you some historical insight and are there for you to ask questions. The are super nice and both my up and down trips were native Tilngit.
Orca Enterprises--- Super nice crew, very comfortable and hospitable. I would recommend them in a heartbeat!!

Zero, Zilp, Zitch, Nada, I did not go anywhere but walking to and from the boat and hiking. 


  1. I went on an alaskan cruise in 2002. I liked it! ketchikan was my favorite!

  2. THESE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING! Ugh, I'm so jealous!! Looks like the best time ever!

  3. Wow, such gorgeous photos! Alaska hasn't been on my radar, but this is seriously making me reconsider. :)

  4. I wish you could have spent more time in Seattle - I could have drove up there! Your photos are all gorgeous and it looks like you had a wonderful time :D

  5. How beautiful! You always take such amazing pictures! I'm glad you all had a great time!!


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