July 2, 2014

Dating Anniversary

I know having dating anniversaries is kind of cheating, but here's the thing...

I have been watching football with him for nine.

We have been promised for eight.
He has been teaching me how to ski for seven.
He tells me he loves me more than six times a day.
I promise him only five more minutes at least once a day!
Slowly but surely we wanna become a family of four.
He proposed three years ago.
And even though we've only been married for two...
I've loved him, my one and only, the whole time!

So here's to you, Kevin, Baby, Papas!
Nine years down and another whole bunch more to go.
Thanks for making me the happiest girl in the world.
And for teaching me to ski. :-)


  1. Keith likes to give me trouble for remembering things like that but deep down I think he likes that I know all this stuff.

    Happy anniversary of everything!!

  2. Happy anniversary!! Hey, the more anniversaries that you remember, the more chances to think about a special date and smile. :)

  3. You two are too stinking cute!! And John & I celebrate our dating anniversary too. July 18th will be 11 years!

  4. That countdown is too cute :D Happy dating anniversary!!

  5. That's the Hotel Del in San Diego, huh?? I recognize it!

    Happy belated Dating Anniversary to you guys! I'm a big fan of anniversaries of all sorts. :)


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