July 17, 2014

I'm not in to you

Going to the gym after work...or before work really.
I'm sorry but after I've been working for 8+ hours, I am NOT going to the gym. Just count me out. Too many people. I would much prefer to work out before work but then I end up over sleeping. Which means I rarely work out. You are more apt to convince me to go on a run after I have rested a little bit at home after work and run around the block.

Blow drying my hair.
My arms get tired, my hair gets caught in the brush, my hair is thick and it takes forever. So I just skip it. 
I take a shower at night...every day. 

Gift Wrapping.
Mine is atrocious. Bags are my friend. And if something needs to be wrapped at least that is one of my husband's strengths and he does it.

The Beatles, Songwriters turned Singers, My Fair Lady, and Jurassic Park.
Sorry. I think that The Beatles were way over-rated. Here Comes the Sun is their only good song. They turned the simplest of melodies into gold because they were easy to sing along to it. So easy a caveman could do it. I prefer listening to intricacies and harmonies.
Songwriters turned singers have proven one thing to me. They are good at writing...not singing. PLEASE stay that way. 
My Fair Lady and Jurassic Park are two of my husband's fave movies that I just cannot get into!

Target and Apple Products.

I know, I know #antiblogger. Whatev.

Random Bonus:

Churches that don't Sing Christmas Music at Christmas Mass.
The new church I was going to didn't sing any of the songs this last Christmas...Guess it may be time to look for a new one. I am very particular about this as you can tell... #christmasinjuly

What are some things that you don't like that it seems everyone else does?


  1. I'm with you on the blow drying! My arms get so tired, so I just let it air dry. Of course, this also means that I sometimes have to go out with wet hair. Oops. Hah.

  2. Oh, #1. Totally. When I lived with my sister, she would make me go to gym class at 9 am with her after working a 12 hour shift at the hospital...I only went because it was already payed for. Lol! :-)

  3. haha--I've just never been impressed by Target, either. It seems a little pricey and mostly boring to me. I literally probably go 6 months at a time without ever stopping into one. And I don't blow dry my hair--It's generally a bad idea with curls, anyways!

  4. I absolutely hate blow drying my hair. Unfortunately it looks so lank if I don't :(

  5. I hate blow drying my hair. It's the worst.

  6. I'm that way when it comes to straightening my hair - my arms get tired and it takes too much work. That's also one of the main reasons I don't wear makeup.. too much work and it takes too much time.

  7. Fun post! I agree with most of these except Target and Apple products-love both. I wish I could wash my hair at night...it's just too oily. If I wash it at night, it will look greasy by mid day. I do wish I was the type of person who could just wash my hair and go with no maintenance.

  8. great ones! i will have to steal this idea for a weekend blog post :)

    i must disagree with you on one thing though:jurassic park! that movie rocks,still freaks me out!

  9. I can agree with you on every single one of these except for the Target and Apple products. I'm too addicted to both of those! :)

  10. Totally agree with you on the Beatles thing...I just don't get it lol.

  11. Ahhhhhh but Target!!!! It's the best!!! hahahahahaha Still love you, even though you just bashed my iPhone :P

  12. Wow you are the first blogger I've heard of not like Target and Apple!!!


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