July 18, 2014

Packing Tips

So I have the opposite problem most women do...I am a chronic under-packer (I think I just came up with a new word!). Ladies you cannot deny that my problem is so much worse! Getting on my vacation and needing something to wear and having nothing is not good! And crazy enough, I even under pack on road trips where I have all the room in the world to bring anything and everything I want!!

This trip I decided I was not going to under pack. I was not going to over pack. (checking bags is expensive yo!) I was going to pack just right! I think I succeeded and thought I would share what I did that helped me out. I think these tips will help under and over packers alike!

1. Make a list. I know this sounds obvious, but I always made my list in my head and putting it on paper helped me from forgetting any necessities.

2. Mix and Match. This one can save you over packers too! Pack outfits that can be mixed and matched with other things. Especially with your jeans and shoes. Pack your classic ones that go with everything because they are heavy. They way this helped me as an under packer pertains to the next tip.

3. Plan your outfits. I think a lot of the reason I would under pack would be I couldn't decide what to wear or may have not known exactly what I would be doing so therefore what would be appropriate attire. Put all our outfits on, lay them out, whatever you need to do to ensure you have everything you need. 
4. On that note though, look at the weather. Trust me, you won't need those cute boots in 80 degree whether. This will also help you determine some appropriate outfits even if you may not know what will be happening everyday on your itinerary. 

5. Use up your beauty samples! All those tester perfumes, creams, etc...use those! It is a great way to pack because it leaves me more room and I have always been super scared to break my whole full-sized bottle of Juicy Couture. 

6. Don't bring a lap top. Unless you absolutely have to. It takes up a lot of space. Most of us have smartphones and tablets and those should suffice. 

7. Proper Placement. Stuff your undies into your bra cups. Some of you have more room than others ;-) but it worked for me! I also stuff my socks into my shoes. That is where they will be one day anyway! I also use the fold method with what clothes I can and put them in airtight ziplock bags.

8. Be conservative with shoes. This is probably the hardest one to abide by, but shoes take up a lot of space and weigh you down.

9. Remember what you are wearing. My mistake would also be fitting everything I need into a suitcase and wearing my biggest shoes or thickest clothing or combo of the both to go. But remember if that is not what you plan to wear back, there has to be space for it! (Did that make sense? It made a lot more sense in my head and while I was packing...)
10. Used Dryer Sheets. I know this doesn't help you pack the right amount of things, but putting them in your suitcase can ensure your clothes stay smelling fresh but don't leave a residue.

What are some of your tried and true packing tips?


  1. I packed both Keith and I for a week in Mexico in one big checked bag and one small bag with room to spare and under 50 lbs for both!! Score :)

  2. I totally have the opposite problem! I tend to overpack and am stuck with all kinds of outfits that I never use. I like the plastic bag tip for sure.

  3. I am a horrible overpacker. I love all these tips, but I still think I will overpack.

  4. I'm definitely going to try these tips Lauren. I usually always make a list of what I want to take anyway but these tips make it sound so much better and quicker!

  5. I've been on a quest to pack our suitcases as close to the 50 lb. limit as possible--it's truly amazing how much stuff you can fit into a suitcase if you really need to!

  6. Clothes rolling!! Saves space and reduces wrinkles. Plus, if you're bringing glasses (or alcohol) it's easy to wrap them in the rolled up clothes!


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