July 23, 2014

Sonoran Hot Dogs

Since moving to Arizona I have been exposed to a whole new type of Mexican cuisine. Here Sonoran inspired pretty much has an icon. The Sonoran Hot Dog. Food Wars and Man vs Food have both done episode here in Tucson on the two OGs of the dog.

It isn't really Mexican food to me. #MyStomachIsInNM but it is good all the same.

Here is how to make one yourself and enjoy a nice, dressed up dog this summer!

Take your hot dogs and wrap them in a piece of bacon. Then fry or grill them until they are nice and crisp!

Warm up a nice bun with that as well...
You can use a regular hot dog bun. Traditionally they use a bun called a bolillo.

Put some beans into the bottom of the bun. I used Pork Beans for a nice twist, but that veers from traditional (pinto beans).

Then add the fixings. Traditionally this is how you do your Sonoran Dog:



1 cooked bacon wrapped hot dog
1 hot dog bun
1/4 cup of cooked pinto beans
tomato, chopped
onions, diced
oaxacan cheese
jalapeno sauce (see recipe below)
diced avocados/guacamole (optional)


Place beans in the bottom of a hot dog bun. Then add bacon wrapped hot dog.

Top with tomatoes, onions, mustard, jalapeno sauce, and mayo. I being a cheese lover, also like to top with some oaxacan cheese.

For toppings at home, I usually omit onions. I like to add some avocados/guacamole, but that is not typical of a Sonoran Dog served in a legit setting.

Jalapeno sauce is literally just pureed jalapeno. To make your mayo drizzle you can add a little milk.

Basically a no measurement make as many as you want recipe, but BOY is it good!

Do you still want that hot dog with just some ketchup on it?
Didn't think so!


  1. Better eat one today, its national hot dog day!!

  2. Mmmm cilantro!!! Puréed jalapeños sounds super spicy. But that's mostly cause I'm a baby when it comes to spicy food. Also, bacon on a Sonoran inspired hotdog? Very interesting. I'll have to try this!!

  3. WAIT. You're in Tucson?! How did I not know this? Lol, so am I! I love El Guerro Canelo and Baja Dogs for Sonoran Hot Dogs...mmm it's been a while. Now I'm craving it! :x

  4. I'd be totally okay with just a bacon wrapped hot dog, just saying!

  5. Haha! That is one thing I did not try in Tucson. But that is one full hot dog!


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