July 10, 2014

The Cotton Gift

The only thing to have exploded off my blog in the world of Pinterest was The Paper Gift.
In the anniversary world there are lists of things to get your spouse per year married. The confusing part is there are two lists, a traditional and a modern. 

So last year I made it an effort to combine each into a creative gift for Kevin. This year the traditional gift is Cotton. The modern gift is China.

For my cotton gift I got him a cotton fabric cooler MADE in China.

For good measure I put some outdoor ware china in it (also made in China) so that we can go on a picnic together. 

Tissue paper didn't seem right so I covered the gift in cotton balls. The bag and balls also products of China....

I also made him a cake from scratch that was supposed to look like a cotton ball. I had a little trouble in that area and it looked like a big blob.

But it tasted super good! Vanilla cake with strawberry and coconut filling.
My friend helped me slice the vanilla beans. Yum Yum!

I also gave Kevin some Q-Tips. You can never have enough right? Also wanted to make sure I drilled that cotton theme!

And he got me flowers.
And a massage.
And took me shopping.
I have me a good one!

These are getting harder. Do you guys go by the list? What do I do next year? Leather and crystal/glass....


  1. You were definitely creative. If I end up getting married again, I'm definitely wrapping my cotton gift in cotton balls!

  2. This is completely genius! I celebrated my first wedding anniversary this year and we didn't stick with the traditional list, though now I wish I would have come up with this kind of creative spin to it!

  3. That is so cute!!! We've never gone by the any tradition other than out to dinner.


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