August 7, 2014

10 Things I Wish my Patients Knew About me

Some days as a nurse can be challenging to say the least. I work with a population of elderly people where most have psychiatric diagnoses. I have been called every name in the book. I have had every sort of bodily fluid thrown at me. (yes I did say thrown, as in purposefully!)

Some of these below might sound harsh, but trust me in seeing how myself and my colleagues handle some of the toughest people and situations, I truly believe that these are simple truths.

Other nurses will probably feel me!

To start off, we are not sitting and playing on the computer, I am charting every detail about you. This is very important to me. Please let me have this time!

Also, the H stands for hospital and not for hotel. This means I am not here to get your visitors unlimited food, drink, blankets, or something for their headache.

I assure you, your pain is not a 10 if I had to wake you up.

Furthermore, I do not get paid enough or as much as you seem to think.

Sadly, you are not the only person I am taking care of tonight.

Your pain medication used to be yellow and now it is green. Trust me, I am giving you the right medication! It just changed color...that happens.

Yes, the blood pressure cuff gets tight...its taking your blood pressure.

Oh, and if you pretend to have chest pain or a seizure just to get my'll get it but you may not want it. Just read this for my full opinion.

I will not be judgmental, so please, be totally honest about your physical and psycho/social history. Withholding information could affect your care. 

Finally, I care more than you think I do. I may be flustered, I may be in a hurry, but I always care. I love my profession even with all of its difficulties. You make my job worth it.

Nursing makes me happy, my patients will never understand all of these things, but hey, that's why I have to exercise patience and more patience every day!

What do you fellow nurses out there wish your patients knew?
What do others wish their clients (or whomever they serve) knew?


  1. When patients take everything home that you give them, know that we know we're paying $10 for that small tube of chapstick so we're keeping it ;)

    Actually I agree with the above as a patient and the stepdaughter of a nurse. I just wish people treated everyone with the respect they deserve!

  2. Go nurses! :) I have so many friends in the medical profession and it's pretty funny to hear the stuff they have to put up with - ya'll definitely don't get paid enough!

  3. Thank-you for this honest post! I think sometimes patients are scared, overwhelmed and impatient, and forget that they have to treat nurses and doctors with respect. I certainly appreciate everything nurses do!

  4. Sorry, lovey, but I will always ask if my medication changes color. I'll believe you once you confirm that it's correct, but I'll still ask :P I'm just paranoid


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