August 19, 2014

Excellent Watermelon Margarita

I cannot believe summer is winding down already (well for everyone in parts of the country not Arizona. We have summer almost year round!) Summer has been flying at warp speed.

I put excellent in front of this drink, because that is what it is, pure excellence... 
It is easy to make.
It is almost healthy.
It is a perfect taste of summer.
It tastes good.

Seriously let me just stop and do an unpaid PSA for watermelon...
It is so healthy! It has so many antioxidants, it is an excellent source of many vitamins including A (helps eliminate free radicals in your body), B (helps your energy production and magnesium), and C (helps your immune system), it is 92% water and is rich in electrolytes, (I prefer my watermelon to any Sports Drink any day!) and because of that water it is an excellent diuretic helping your body to flush out harmful toxins. Best part?!? Watermelon has the best caloric value ever! 

Well....okay not the best caloric value when you add it with alcohol, but it is oh so good!
No worries, you can garnish your drink with plenty of watermelon slices!

Enjoy and gulp the last few bits of summer with me! 
I know I am excited for some cooler temps!


  1. Watermelon is the summertime fruit - I'm bummed that the next time I need to go grocery shopping I probably won't see it for sale :(


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