August 25, 2014


Like many builder grade homes, our kitchen was a sea of boring and bad.  
What we liked about this kitchen was the massive amount of cabinets and we love the floor tile. We didn't like everything else.

Now we couldn't afford to change out the appliances, but maybe one day when someone wants to fund that...anyone?! Any takers?!

To give the space some much needed beauty, we traded in the laminate counter tops for granite.  This was a pricey upgrade.  Some things are just worth the money.

I mean the laminate counter tops were the pattern of camouflage. Even my dad who hunts was not impressed.

We chose "Cashmere White" granite.  We also added a granite composite under mount sink, stained the cabinets, upgraded the faucet, and added a backsplash. I would post about doing the backsplash, except for I had NOTHING to do with it. Kevin took that puppy on. If you have any backsplash questions, let me know and I will forward them onto him and get you an answer. :-) We Kevin also put under cabinet lighting in. Too bad this man doesn't want to guest post because the under cabinet lighting it my favorite thing in the whole house!

Kitchen we really went all out on you!

Anyway back to the counter tops...We picked out our slabs and got excited. Then we my dad and Kevin took off the old counter tops. The granite guys came and measured and then the counters went in!

They went in and it made me most everything does!
They sealed them, but I re-sealed them. (can you tell I have issues yet?)
Double protection doesn't hurt and other then that I am able just to disinfect with my granite cleaner or a sponge with warm water. 

Totally helped lighten the space perfectly in my opinion!

Any pricey upgrades in your house that you just had/have to have?


  1. It looks amazing! And I do love all the space you have in your kitchen. :)

  2. It looks great!! You know, people are always starting those GoFund sites for just about anything and everything nowadays (I saw one for a college fund bc their parents refused to pay for it), you could always do it for home makeovers ;)

  3. Very nice! I love the look of granite counters--my grandparents just got them--definitely beautiful!


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