August 21, 2014

Gravel or Grass

Gravel or Grass?

Ever since I started thinking about landscaping the backyard, my mind kind of went to grass. We have some beautiful trees here in our backyard and when their leaves, pods, and spines (we are in the desert after all) fall at all different times of the year, it is darn near impossible to scrape them all up from the gravel. 

Currently we have gravel. I thought it made sense, after all, it cuts down on water, it looks quite nice, and it seems like an overall low-maintenance option especially for a black thumb like myself. However, it seems to look good and then be harder to maintain. You have to fight with the trees and weeds among the gravel.

Well, that seemed to contradict everything you would think, but I will say that my lawn is definitely prone to some weeds, so it kind of makes sense. But then again, how much would it be to put all that grass in and then maintain it?

Anyone have any advice for me?
It would be much appreciated! 

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