August 28, 2014

I Don't Like Thinking of Titles For Blog Posts

Seriously, sometimes isn't it the hardest to come up with blog post titles?!?
I also don't like...

The bra I am wearing
That chocolate has so many calories
That I never have time to do my nails
When people say "Wow your hair is so long!" every 10 seconds
All the junk emails I get
That it isn't quite the weekend yet

Blogging slumps
That no one else can do my job
Google Plus
Wasting water
Inconsiderate people
When my phone freezes
Summer temperatures in Arizona
That as soon as I hit publish I will think of something else.


  1. I hate thinking of name, and make sure it's funny and SEO friendly. ugh! I can't wait for the weekend.

  2. Blog titles are theeee hardest for me to come up with too! Such a pain in the you know what!

  3. I dislike coming up with titles as well because a part of me thinks that if its not the right word or something people won't click on it to read it.


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