August 12, 2014


Please tell me there are some out there like me!
My sister thankfully did my makeup for my wedding.

I totally envy those of you out there who can fearlessly and flawlessly apply makeup.
It is a trade I wish I had. 

If you are like me and unable to manage the execution applying makeup, you understand the frustrations....
For instance...

Eyeliner is our worst nightmare.
And being able to put liquid eyeliner on evenly is completely out of the question.

Contouring tutorials you see on Pinterest would look like clown makeup should we try that.

Applying blush comes in two amounts: 1. I cannot see it at all and 2. I am about to perform in a ballet recital.

The only highlighters we know how to use are yellow for paper.
The only highlighters that you can use correctly are the yellow ones you use in school.

Even if you get all the lipstick off of your teeth, it still finds a way to get back to your teeth!

Concealer means smearing a substance all over your darn face.

We can't even take off our makeup gracefully.
21 Things Only People Who Suck At Makeup Will Understand

Anyone out there relate to this?
What are some other problems those less made up have?


  1. i love the putting eyeliner tutorial, haha it is so perfect! i am definitely not a person to ask about make-up heck i barely wear any these days and even before then i never put eyeliner on except for the top lid that is about it

  2. Haha. I love this! My sister is the makeup expert, not me! I'm lucky if I look presentable most days.

  3. me me me! I have this issue too which is why I don't usually go all out with makeup. I have my basic go-tos but don't ask me to get creative. At least I wear it, some dont even do that! My stepsister did my makeup for my wedding too!

  4. Hahahahahahahah... fake eyelashes are the DEVIL - I always throw a tantrum when I try to put them on, don't even know why I bother trying anymore.

  5. I just plain don't wear make up. I can do liquid eyeliner--I've got that down, so I wear it occasionally, but mascara and pencil eyeliner just don't work for them, so I don't wear them. I can handle putting on lipstick.

  6. This is totally me!! I come out all orange when I've tried to apply bronzer. Also I love the winged eyeliner look, but can never get it right. Just wish I had more makeup skills, but oh well...glad to know I'm not alone :)


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