August 29, 2014

My Dear, you Have the Grim

Do you have a journal?
What is a journal?

I think a blog can be one so I have that. It is a combination of thoughts that I place down on a piece of "paper" 

The reason I was thinking of these was because I randomly watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban the other night and then blogged about Harry Potter...

P.S I use Amazon Instant Video! Anyone out there with me?!?

Emma Thompson's character Professor Trelawney reminds me of an experience with journaling in the 10th grade. 
Back then I thought a journal was only a journal if you said it was. 

My 10th grade English teacher made us keep a dream journal. She wanted us to record all the crazy things that go through our head during the night before they disappeared every morning. She also wanted our interpretations along side the facts.

Harry Potter DWELL on DREAMS Quote modern by modernhomeprints

I never remember having dreams, but she wanted something written, so I would make dreams up. Every time my dream would interpret to my teacher that I was going to die or that bad things were going to happen to me, etc... I could come up with the happiest dreams and for some reason her "interpretation" would be a sad, horrific one. 

Needless to say since I would interpret a made up dream about finding gold at the end of a rainbow as a happy dream of me feeling lucky and loved and rich with my surrounding heritage (I am Irish), I got bad grades on all my dream journals. I think she said that dream indicated poverty I could never get out of and had false hope to do so. And that when I got to the end of my "rainbow" I would die. 

Terrible right?!?

So since then I think I have never wanted to call anything a journal, but realize that this blog is a combination of many types of journalistic efforts on my part. Here are a list of some of the "types" of journals I keep.

Commonplace book via this blog
I have a common place collection of inspirational bits. Quotes, song lyrics, passages from books or speeches, etc. find their way onto these pages. When you need some motivation, an emotional boost, or whatever else, you can flip back through and find what you need. I also do this on Pinterest and back on paper during years of angst in middle school. Now it is fun to look back and see what songs or quotes spoke to you during a certain time of life.

Scripture/prayer journal
Probably one of the most well known types of journals, scripture or prayer journals are a great way to dive deeper into relationship with God. They can help you work through hard times in life as well as remember your blessings. You can examine your conscience, record your spiritual struggles, or just thank God for the happy moments. Writing down your prayers also enables you to recognize when you receive answers. Some people use this type of journal to help them study or memorize scripture, too.

Gratitude journal
It’s always easier to turn to a journal when things are hard—for some reason, adversity awakens our desire to confide. But it can be a little depressing if all you have to look back on are pages and pages filled with your struggles and complaints. A gratitude journal counters that negativity by helping you acknowledge the positives of daily life, however small they may be at times. Set a goal and, as regularly as works for you, write down a certain number of things you’re grateful for. 

Daily log
I mean this is the definition of a lifestyle blogger right? We right down what has happened in our daily lives. 

Travel journal
I love writing about when I travel here on the blog. Most recently about my Alaska Trip! Not only does this create a unique, personal record of your trip, it allows you to savor those moments in a more in depth way. 

Photo journal
Sometimes photos can just say it all!

Anniversary or birthday journal
I have a paper journal of Kevin and mines celebrations and cards and continue that here on the blog writing down what we did to celebrate as well as several highlights from the year.

List journal
I love making lists, and my blog has lots of them.

Journals I don't keep but could one day or used to back in middle school angst years:

Pregnancy journal
Those nine months of carrying your little one are drastically different from other periods of life. You’re going through a lot of physical, emotional, and lifestyle changes in a relatively short period of time. Journaling can be a great way to both work through those changes and create a record of memories to look back on when your wee one is grown. Be sure to write down the basics (when you found out you were pregnant, your thoughts when you found out the gender, the lists of potential names you and your partner make), but also include the things you’re sure you’ll never forget (Exactly how bad was that morning sickness? What did your husband say the first time you sent him to the grocery store in the middle of the night to satisfy a craving?). Because you probably will forget them over time unless you put them in your journal.

Motherhood journal
A motherhood journal can take several different forms. You can write to your children with the intention of giving it to them one day or you can simply record your thoughts and emotions about being a mom. You can include things your children say or do, or you can write completely from your personal perspective.

Reading journal
I see other bloggers do this and used to keep one myself back in middle school. You can write down your thoughts and reactions to the books you read. You can write down your favorite passages, your thoughts on different characters or scenes, or general observations about the book.

Random Crap Journal
Another journal I used to keep in middle school! I collected scraps from my daily life. I would put everything in there: receipts, leaves, candy wrappers, ticket stubs, etc. Now I think the OCD and minimalist in me would have a cow...

Bucket list journal
If you have a bucket list, you might like to keep a journal documenting your experience each time you cross an item off the list. This will be great to look back on later!

Are you drawn to any of the journal types on this list? 
Do you know of or keep another type of journal?


  1. Are you serious??! I can't believe a teacher could write something like that and get away with it! Not to mention, you do you get a bad grade on talking about your dreams?? So crazy and I don't blame you for not wanting to "journal" for the proper sense of the word. I love journals of all types but mine are not nearly as organized or categorized!

  2. Okay, that teacher with the dream journal stuff sounds so weird. I wouldn't have liked the assignment OR the grade. Angel and I actually keep something I call a "love journal"--whenever we want to write a note or a thank-you or a special memory we write to each other in it. I also tape special tickets or funny post-it-notes that Angel leaves me into the book, it's precious to me.


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