August 11, 2014

Replacing Faucets

House saga continues....

The woman we bought the house from sure loved her gold. There was gold fixtures EVERYWHERE. I couldn't stand the faucets being gold.

And it didn't look any better after we stained the cabinets
Read all about that {here}

So we just set out to replace the things. I decided right then and there that I wanted new ones right now. I made Kevin go to Lowe's with me and told him we weren't coming back empty handed. Very impulsive, but thankfully it worked out! I am sure had I done research and waited for the perfect one to come along, it may have, but I just desperately didn't want to wait or go through that process.

But I also think that plumbing projects are measured in how many trips you take to the hardware store and not how many hours it takes to complete the project. Thankfully more trips than hours!! So long as you aren't dealing with a super old house with super old problems....

Anyway, we replaced the two pictured here in our master bath and the one in the guest bath. We replaced them all with the same silver one we found on sale at Lowe's.

My parents were in town so my dad was able to help Kevin while my mom and I continued painting.

I really wish I took more pictures of everything we did, including this process. Granted I was not in anyway shape or form apart of this process, except for the choosing of the new faucets. It would have been nice to go through the removal and put in process step by step with pictures. But eh forgot to take pictures.

The basic gist is:
--Turn the water off to the sink. Two valves are there one for hot and one for cold water.
--Then remove any bolts and stuff. Every faucet is different and then remove the old faucet.
--Then remove the bolts to remove the old drain.
--Clean up any mess and then install your new drain. Place plumbers putty on the underside of the drain. No worries if there is too much or it spreads because it doesn't dry and you can always remove it.
--Follow the instructions that come with your faucet to finish your installation.
Simple as that and you have a classy new look to your bathroom!!

No butt cracks were harmed in the making of this process.


  1. Seriously its soo crazy how replacing a faucet can transform a space !!! Love the cabinets stained sooo much better now :) You guys are doing great !!

    Jocelyn @Prettyluckymama

  2. Wow--those already look so much better! I don't think I've ever seen gold faucets in a house, they did look pretty weird!


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