August 18, 2014

Tennis Times

I have had lots of tennis go on lately!
I watched my beautiful, youngest sister play her last tennis match ever. She has retired at the ripe old age of 18 just like her older sister did and just like her oldest sister did with swimming.

The Fam Bam.

Bookends missing our middle.

Social media time!!

Youngest and oldest strike again!

My man and I.

I also actually picked up a racket myself and played. This is something that has not gone on in quite a while. In fact I wore my Junior Team Tennis Champs shirt which was probably the last time I truly played properly. That was about 10 years old for me by the way...
But who is counting...

Perfect day to play! Clouds were rolling in for a storm!

I could never dream to be a fraction of how good my sisters are, but I love it because it is a great workout and it is fun to do with others. 

Anyone else enjoy tennis?


  1. I love attempting to play tennis even though I'm not that good. Hubby though won't go play with me so I guess I need to go golfing and he'll play tennis I guess ;)


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