August 6, 2014

Troubling Transitions

Continuing on in the home improvement project saga...
Oh boy did we have trouble here...
Thanks Taylor Swift for making me sing the word trouble...

First off, I did not know how expensive hard wood floor transitions cost! Boy oh boy!
They seriously cost as much as the floor (almost).
I guess I should probably admit I did not know what transitions were in the first place.
Cut me some slack, this is my first wood floor. Everyone does tile and carpet here in the Southwest.

Since I had never had a wood floor in my life, I had very little knowledge of how transitions worked.
I had an even harder time imagining the concept in a small open floor plan area.
You can read about how we put them in {HERE} and how I keep them clean {HERE}
Kevin did all the work himself. We needed really long pieces along the area where the living room met the kitchen. Therefore, those had to be really secure so that no one stepped on them and accidentally cracked them in half.

At first we Kevin used a water based construction adhesive (kind of a liquid nails type product) and it kept coming up in places. Then he re-did it with an oil-based construction adhesive and Bam! we have been in business ever since!

Anyone else out there digging the wood floor look for your home?


  1. That's actually what we are looking for as we house search - wood floors! They wouldn't work so well in the condo right now so we won't do here but its on our "wanna have" list. Yours looks great!

  2. To be honest I have never seen this done before in a home. But it looks beautiful! Love the color!

  3. You would love it back East! All of the apartments have hardwood floors unless they're really old. Love it!

  4. Yesss I love the wood floor! My whole apartment is carpet, but if I purchase, I will put wood in :)


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