August 5, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts

Well life has sure been a serious whirlwind lately. I haven’t had time to do much of anything except work and hang out with that husband of mine. That has been nice. But there are more things that I would like to do this month.  But first, let’s take a quick look back at the last two months. Despite the craziness, there have been some pretty good posts going up around these parts (in my humble opinion), so make sure you caught them all!

Recent favorites

Watching my sister graduate was pretty awesome.
Lots of food: Sonoran hot dogs, Stromboli, and Fruit pizza

Recent thoughts

I found this at Pier 1 and can't decide whether I want it or not. Thoughts?

Does anyone out there use Gramblr? I have started using Canva to help me better my images here on the blog. It so far is a good tool for me!

My fellow bloggers, you have given me a travel bug! Jax went to Dominican Republic, Tara to Lake Como, and Julie went to Puerta Vallarta

August goals

1. I won't ever give up chocolate, but I can at least start exercising. I did one episode of Insanity on Sunday and was super sore on Monday. But in resting my sore legs during a chocolate binge I found Glisten Fit and think I may give that a whirl. Let's exercise daily this month, k?!

2. Have a blog post everyday and really start making my blog into a place other people besides me can and will enjoy!

3. Decide and set a budget on my work for the backyard.

4. Try to start organizing all of my computer files, photos, and music.


  1. Oh, I definitely wouldn't give up chocolate either! I'm pretty sure chocolate and wine run through my veins, but I should probably get back into the swing of exercising. Good luck with your August goals. :)

  2. Woot you rock! I will never, EVER give up chocolate! You're amazing to start August goals! Ha, I just need to get back to doing normal things. Sadly, I'm not cleared by doctors to start working out again until September (silly surgeries).

  3. Yes, you need that thing from Pier 1... and it's on sale for $20. Go, go, go!!

  4. Just read this and saw MY SHOUT OUT! You are awesome!! :) And I'm a huge fan of white ceramic platters/serving dishes/etc, so I'm all about that Pier 1 steal! :)


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