August 27, 2014

Two Years

Two years of work. I feel like these years have absolutely flown by.  I have done, seen, and learned so many things; too many to name, but here are a few things I am so happy that I've experienced along the way:

I have learned how to get what I want from doctors.
I have learned to listen to the older nurses, even if they aren't nice.
I have learned to go with my gut, always.
I have learned to check, double check, and recheck my meds.
I have learned that two hands are better than one, and four are better than two.
I have witnessed families coming apart, and families coming together.
I have cared for people who have no one in the world.
I have cared for the alcoholic, the drug addict, the illegal immigrant, and the mentally ill.
I have had days where I questioned myself on end, and days where I didn't.
I have received praise for my work, and reprimand for my mistakes.
I have learned that it's okay when you don't know everything, and it doesn't hurt to ask.
I have cracked ribs.
I have learned what teamwork really means.
I have pushed meds.
I have been called names, good ones and bad ones.
I have seen people who are at their worst, still give their best.
I have had people lift me up, when it should have been the other way around.
I have called codes, called ambulances, and called families.
I have held patients as they took their first breaths, and others as they took their last.
I have learned that I love what I do.


  1. ...and you are awesome at what you do! Happy workversary!

  2. It's so awesome that you can honestly say you love what you do. Not everyone can, that's a blessing!


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