August 15, 2014

Using Dove Meat

I don't like to get into politics or hot topics much here on this blog. I hold my opinions strongly, but I don't want to hold them here.

But I am sure most have you have heard about the controversy regarding girls who hunt
This recipe is for all you hunters out there!

My dad has always hunted and has truly shown and educated me on wildlife and the way to respect and love the land and provide for one's family. Today is his birthday! I love him more and more each day!

My dad shows his love to people by feeding them. I never leave hungry or without food for later when I see him. I had some Dove meat in my freezer that I was wanting to use from him. My dad's classic recipe is to wrap the Dove in bacon. But I saw some jalapenos on sale and and decided to incorporate them.

It is so hot here in Arizona that I knew I wanted to grill. I try not to use the oven too much! So I took the core out of the peppers and stuffed them!

Now mind you when you grill peppers for those of you scared of the heat a jalapeno gives off, the longer you grill your peppers, the less spicy they are. I grilled them for 15 minutes and was good. I like heat, but this was more something I wanted to be a cheesy goodness kind of dish.

Cut off the stems of your jalapenos, remove the seeds and the membranes. (DO NOT touch anything with those jalapeno hands and be sure to wash them extra well or you could be very sorry!)

I placed a slice of cheddar cheese and then placed dove over it in the holed out jalapeno. Then I wrapped the jalapeno in bacon. I think next time I will make a mixture of cheese by beating some cream cheese and ranch powder till creamy, then stir in some shredded cheddar cheese and your Dove. I may also precook the judge and finely chop it with the food process.

But I digress...

Cover with foil and place on the grill for 15-25 minutes or about 375 if you won't die of heat exhaustion using your oven! :-)

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