August 13, 2014

What I Learned Being a Lifeguard

I cannot believe how fast this summer has sped by.
I am and most likely will never be a student again, but still summer came and is going by super fast!

I convinced my sister to take lifeguarding as she enters her first year of college.
I was a lifeguard as a job during school and I absolutely LOVED it.

If you were a lifeguard, you would know...

There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of thunder and the sight of lightning.
Not even perfume can hide that smell of chlorine.
If a coworker forgets their sunglasses, let them use yours on the stand. This is lifeguard code of decency.
The best way for a lifeguard to make money is private swim lessons. Such entrepreneurs!
Peeing in a pool is not all that bad. We all do it and we're still alive. 
Being a lifeguard you will become pro at card games. Rummy anyone?
Shake and minnows is your action packed, violent firm of entertainment.
Walk please!
Climbing up and down a stand gracefully is an art.
Anything in lost found is fair game!
Leftover food from parties makes up a crucial part of your diet.
People forget your sitting up there. Flies on the wall get some pretty juicy gossip.
Someone always does up 30 min before closing and swims maps till the last minute. Yay closing shift...
Sunscreen is s gift from the Gods.
If a kid is doing something annoying you can make up your own rules: "Keep that water in the pool please!!"

May the force be with all you tan, burnt, hardworking lifeguards!
What was a job that only people who have held that job truly understand?


  1. I will agree with the peeing in the pool but I'm not going to lie, ever since seeing that Adam Sandler movie "Grown Ups", I think the water is going to turn blue whenever someone does it ;)


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