September 22, 2014

A Note About Starting College...

My youngest sister is now in her first year of college. I feel so nostalgic, but it is so fast how that happened!
Now as the older sister, I am obligated to give her some advice whether she wants it or not.
This pretty much applies to any first year college student.

Here goes...

Never skip a class two days in a row, that’s all it takes.

Go on spring break. Convince mom you are not going to die, tell dad there will be adults there. I guess mom and dad have eased up since me...

Put in an effort to make it to every home football game; you only get 4 years to experience the student section, after that you’re just a regular old fan. I know the team sucks but it is still an experience.

It’s always better to sleep a few hours and blow off a chapter then pull an all-nighter and be brain dead when you take the test.

Expect the walk to class to be a haul. Prepare accordingly.

Keep a picture of your family in your room.

You’re absolutely going to gain some weight. Dorm food, cheap liquor and 12 hour Netflix binges have a tendency to do that, don’t be surprised.

Don’t pose with booze. Everyone knows your drinking, it’s college.

Know how to properly ignore the people handing out flyers. A fake phone call usually does the trick.

Don’t get a false sense of security on campus at night, bad things can still happen.

Don’t be the reason your group does poorly on a project. Pull your weight plus a little extra.

Turn your cell phone on silent before every class.

Start behaving like an adult. This means making your own appointments, taking yourself to the doctor, emailing people in a professional manner, it takes practice so start now.

Take pictures of everything.

When you get in trouble and have to call your parents, be brave and just call me or Tess instead.

Keep up with your room key. They’re expensive when you lose them and you are already paying enough to go to school.

Be kind always. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle. Also, people are just plain crazy.

Keep your phone charged.

People are going to be better than you, smarter than you, faster than you, funnier than you, and better looking than you. Work harder.

Acting like you “don’t care” is not cool anymore, start giving a shit.

Make goals for the day, week, month, year, and entire college career. It’ll help when you get lost along the way.

Just go ahead and order the pizza. You deserve it.

What other advice do you have for someone starting college?


  1. Try to eat healthy but your freshman 15 may not happen until another year ;)

    Great advice!!


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