September 5, 2014

Arizona Awesomeness

Arizona has been in fine form as of late.
And I say that as sarcastically as possible.

I mean, isn't September supposed to be the beginning of fall? I should know better here in Arizona, but I really don't like these continuing TRIPLE DIGIT temps. You should see how many photos I have on my phone of the thermometer. I don't know why I keep taking pictures...why am I surprised?

And for those of you don't know, these temps stay up even though the sun goes down. It is bloody murder. There are some though who will say that it could be worse because we don't have humidity...

Ha. You try being in these "dry" temperatures. And just wait until a breeze hits. It is like fire coming at you.

So for now, just to keep myself sane and for the sake of a happier blog post then just "F#@! this heat!" I will list all the reasons I can think of in the next ten minutes of why Arizona is awesome:

We enjoy a lot of outdoor activities despite the heat. Pretty sunsets, monsoons, rivers, mountains, Grand Canyon, etc...

Oh and you can live with or without winter!

As you can see I live without winter. But that is because I like to use my ice differently...

Speaking of drinking, we have some pretty decent wineries here! Yay!

When you have to choose your state from the drop-down menu online, Arizona is always at the top since it starts with "A." So it's really convenient not to have to scroll through 50 states to choose your location.

Cost of living is pretty decent!

Ten minutes is up! Everyone have a good weekend!
What do you love about the state you live in?


  1. Don't remind me that winter is coming. I'm in need of some winter clothes.

  2. Arizona for the win!!! It rocks here and people should know that =)


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