September 17, 2014

Dear Annoying People,

I have been pretty happy go lucky these past couple of posts.
 Here comes the cynical side of Lauren for ya!

Dear Annoying Drivers of the world, Just a few tips to make life easier on the rest of us:

If you have your blinker on, turn it off once it’s fulfilled its purpose. We get that you might turn again eventually, but for now you're all set.

On that note, turn right on red. I think you will try it and it will be liberating.
seriously, some people just should not drive

Light snow or rain in the Southwest region of the United States, does not equal death, if you happen to drive on the "snow" at a normal speed rate you may actually get somewhere in a timely manner and probably will do so safely.

Right lane= slow drivers. Left lane= faster drivers. SIMPLE.

Dear Annoying Pedestrians of the world, Just a few tips to make life easier on the rest of us:

This is really going to blow your mind, but when I am going to cross the street and have already pushed the button to cross, there is no need to push it again fellow pedestrian. Shocking, I know.

Why are you walking so closely behind me? Just why? Just DON'T. 

Dear Annoying People of the world, Just a few tips to make life easier on the rest of us:

I thought people stopped asking this, but then I went grocery shopping on Sunday...

When you’re done microwaving something, go ahead and press “clear.” CLEAR. I don’t need to see how much time you didn't use. (cough cough KEVIN)

Along these same lines, guys, please put the toilet seat down. Just do it. Don’t explain to us how annoying it is. You know what is annoying? Cleaning your pee off the toilet...

Can we have just one day on Facebook without inspirational quotes? Just one day without having to read about why today is going to be such a great day because we have been given the power to lift ourselves up and blah blah blah.
Sorry that your blatant attention-seeking facebook status didn't receive a single comment.
If you would like to show me your amazing new tattoo, please do not be offended when I judge what you have deemed amazing enough to put on your body. No offense to tattoos, but some are way cooler than others.
haha Idk why I found this so funny lol

Unfortunately, this list could go on too long today so I’ll stop now. Now go have a wonderful day because today is a new day full of new opportunities and life is short and possibilities are endless and sunshine and sprinkles and cupcakes and cake.


  1. Hope you have a great day. But living in Southern Az a lot of people do not know how to drive and i don't understand why they still drive in washes when they are fill of water lol

  2. OMG. The Someecard about the debit card almost made me spit out my water. I think that every time! LOL.
    The Grass Skirt

  3. Oh I feel one of these posts coming on on my blog too...its like with the weather changes comes the idiots!

  4. hahaha, you are in a bit of a mood today, aren't you? We all are sarcastic upon occasion. And Chinese character tattoos are especially amusing when you can read Chinese. My younger cousin once excitedly showed me a Chinese tattoo she got on her neck--it was the right character all right, but it was upside down. I didn't have the heart to tell her, most people wouldn't recognize that anyways....

  5. I get so frustrated when people hang out at the red light when turning right. Why?!


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