September 8, 2014

Fantasy Football, Football Fantasy

My husband is the commissioner in both of my fantasy leagues (One family league, one friends league) and I am sad to say sleeping with him gets me nothing....

Heck after we drafted in our friends league, he used "metrics" to come up with our draft report card.
He gave me an F!

And when he says he doesn't want an ottoman in our house, that is because first place gets a really freaking sweet trophy (Remind me to show you guys a picture of it when I win!) and last place gets the ugliest (who knows where it has been) ottoman.

He used his same metrics in our family league. I was the bottom there too.
I am on a mission to prove him wrong!

Anyway, with the opening weekend behind us, I am okay to say that I am in a super tight race. I of course would rather be far ahead of my opponent...but sometimes that doesn't happen...DENVER.

Boy that game gave me some anxiety!  Hopefully like Denver after tonight's games I WIN.
I'll leave you with the fantasy football rap that takes the cake!

Are you playing fantasy football?
How many leagues are you in?
How is the season outlook for you?


  1. As long as you don't ever pick the Rams, you'll be good ;)

  2. Oh man... maybe he will rig it just so he doesn't get the ottoman!

  3. I won my first game - and scored the highest of everyone in the league!

  4. John plays in two leagues. He won us $500 last year!


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