September 19, 2014

Flank Steak

If anything runs in my blood, it is red meat. 
My dad instilled that into my sisters and I from the beginning.
Nights grilling out were pinnacle to our summer.

Dad always made sure the recipes were as simple as possible. It was the cut and the time on the grill that had to be precise. I think I knew how to make an edible steak at age ten but to this day I still can't sew.

You win some, you lose some I guess...

So after all these years, I have used by baseline steak knowledge and have tried many creative avenues. Flank Steak is the only one where the marinade is ALMOST more crucial than the grill time. 

Flank steak obviously isn't the best cut of steak (haha funny article about that here), but another pearl of knowledge my dad gave us girls: Waste not, want not.


1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp ground ginger
1/2 cup of olive oil
1 cup soy sauce
lime juice
cilantro to taste
2 tsp brown sugar
2 lbs flank steak
salt and pepper to taste


Mix together all ingredients in bowl until smooth. Place flank steak into ziplock bag and add all the mixed marinade.

Let marinade sit for at least 4 hours in the fridge or overnight if possible.

Take steak out and dispose of left over marinade.

Grill for 1-3 minutes each side.

Serve and enjoy immediately! Pair with a beautiful bottle of red wine and you my friends have yourself an evening!!


  1. My dad definitely instilled a love for red meat in his daughters! Hah. But for us it was fajitas on the grill. While my sister chooses to eat a little bit healthier now (mainly chicken), I'm glad that he passed on his knowledge to me. :)

  2. Love me some red meat! This recipe looks delicious so thanks for sharing.


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