September 12, 2014

How to be Awesome at Fantasy Football

I plan to be super awesome this year at fantasy football this year.
Just saying.
Do you want to be the winner in your league this year?
Is this your first time playing in a league?
Does anyone watch The League? ;-)

Well here is the guide for all of that!

Learn all of the rules to your league. Are there unlimited trades? Are there rules associated with trades? How many of the different positions can you have? How are ties dealt with? Do you have a salary cap? (If you answered yes to the salary cap, then get out of that league! haha!)

Be creative is all I can say. My friends never fail to come up with some pretty awesome names. In my league, at the end of the season, the winner's name goes on the trophy. It better be a name you are proud of. (Note you can technically change it as often as you would like.)

Don't just draft your team and let it sit. There is nothing worse than playing someone who has bye players or hurt players in. Make it competitive and fun! The more you check in through the season the more all in good fun trash talk you can partake in!

Even if you have money riding on it, it is a game! So enjoy! Laugh during the ups and downs! It is all in good fun! My husband as I mentioned earlier, gave my team an F. I came up with two theme songs:

What are some of your tips for an awesome fantasy football season?

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