September 3, 2014

I Need More Vacations

A weeks ago, after booking the hotel for our upcoming vacation, I sent Kevin a text that said '34 days!' with a smiley face I spent the rest of the day daydreaming about our trip, which I tend to do once I get within about a month or so from an upcoming escape.

In prepping for Alaska, I did have some anxiety. I would think: how am I going to disconnect from work for 12 whole days? What if one of my residents has an emergency? There's little to no cell service where I'm going. How will anyone get a hold of me? I'm going to look so irresponsible if I drop the ball on something. My office is definitely going to burn down while I'm away and it will be all my fault. Or something.

I was starting to feel like I was doing my residents and my job a disservice by taking the time off. And that's just crazy talk!

People take vacations all the time. Alaska taught me that. I am simply taking off three days upcoming and it is much more manageable for me an my brain.

And then I think about European countries, where they allegedly take like two months of paid vacation every year. How do they get any work done? How does anybody contact anybody? That means they're on vacation 16% of the time. And maybe that's a good thing. I think they've got the right idea.
So take this as my vow: I am not going to feel guilty about taking my time off. I'm going to live it up! If something goes wrong, someone else will handle it. Right? Right. 

Thanks, Alaska vacation for the life lesson.
Now if only I could fast-forward this newest vacation countdown...


  1. Sometimes it can be SO HARD to know that everything at work is going to be just fine if you take a vacation! That being said...I am in DESPERATE need of a good vacation. it's been toooo long.

  2. Where are you guys headed?

    You sound just like Keith. His job really can't work without him and the only way they can is if we leave the country and Keith really can't use his phone when they try calling. However he worries to the point where he has my Dad email his work account every day to see if the vacation response works.

  3. Live it up is right!! I wish I had taken two weeks instead of one this summer.

  4. I could not agree with this more, I wish there was more time off for everyone throughout the year, I think it would really improve the quality of life for a lot of people! We went away this weekend and I didn't bring my computer and thought it would be an inconvenience, but it was actually kind of nice not to have it with me!

  5. Where are you going? I need a vacation too without a baseball games.

  6. Having a vacation to count down to is so much fun! Angel only worked the 3 12 hr. shifts when he was in the hospital, so he would pretty frequently arrange his shifts so that even without taking any time off we could have mini-trips--we loved the flexibility of that job!

  7. Don't feel totally deserve a break! I always look forward to my time off, but I love my work too.


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