September 9, 2014

My Guy Doesn't Understand Blogging

I talked about Fantasy Football yesterday. That is very much something my husband loves and understands. There are many people out there though that do not understand fantasy football at all. It happens. But even after years blogging, I realized my husband doesn't understand blogging. 

Here is what he doesn't understand. (Note. He is a very smart, handsome, amazing man.)
And what probably other men including yours may not understand....

Blogging is a hobby. A time-consuming, deep hobby
I started this blog when I was without job. Kevin then recommended that I get a hobby. I told him I have my blog. He didn't get it. I don't think that is what he had in mind....

Blogging means more time on the computer
Yes, I will be on the computer a lot more than I was in the past. But unlike when I was just aimlessly Facebook stalking, blogging consists of a lot of writing, reading, responding, and interacting. More than 50% of blogging is interacting with your readers and reading/commenting on the blogs you follow.

Blogging = more pictures
Everyone knows that the quality of the blog post is directly related to the number of quality pictures in said blog post, right? :-) So when I ask Kevin to take a picture of me doing something, he had to learn not to question. Just smile and say "okay honey". Although to be fair, I kinda gave up on him taking pictures of me. They are never good...Oh and pretend like you don't notice when I take pictures of my food. Oh and don't ask me "are you going to blog about this?" Because yes, yes I am.

Yes, we really are friends with people we don't know 
One thing Kevin can't seem to get through his mind is, no, it's not weird that we sit around all day and read about the lives of people we don't know. The blogging community is the one place where I can open up about anything my heart desires and my blog friends will be there.

I will say, Kevin is so much better now about understanding blogging than he was when I first started. Either that, or he's just learned to keep his mouth shut about it. But it has taken some adjusting (on both of our parts) as to when I'm on the computer and when I'm not...because we both believe quality time with each other is important.

What are some things your boyfriend/husband doesn't understand about blogging and all that it entails?


  1. Love this! They will never truly understand. Haha. Oh, and Troy is horrible at taking pictures of me. They always look so bad. I think I just need to invest in a tripod and a timer. :)

  2. great post. Some of my good friends that don't blog don't understand. But when I showed them my blog they where like this is really cool... It made me so happy

  3. This is so on point!! I think the biggest one is being friends with people you don't know IRL!

  4. My bf is oddly proud of my blogging and tells people about it which horrifies me because I am so not public about it!

  5. Keith is in the same boat. He'll never understand...but then how can a guy be on forums on sports all the time? ;)

  6. Gary is all about the blogging. He using the word blate very openly. I love that i have met some of the best people through blogging. So glad that we got to meet too, but we need to keep in touch. :)

  7. My husband doesn't understand it when I have a meltdown over technical issues. LOL. He is pretty patient when it comes to how many photos I take and sometimes even offers to take them for me before I ask, but I still don't think he "gets" it.
    The Grass Skirt

  8. hahaha! I'm getting the feeling that after all these years Angel really is starting to get it, and I think he even likes his role as a blogger's husband!

  9. John has learned to just shake his head and say yes dear. My mom on the other hand...totally freaked went I went to the blogging conference. She could not fathom me going to new city and rooming with ppl I've never met.

  10. Ditto on the time-consuming part. I haven't been able to finish a post in more than a week because I just can't find the time right now. Hopefully I'll have a flood of them coming in the next few weeks lol.

  11. I can totally relate! My boyfriend thinks blogging is so weird and doesn't understand how random people can be "friends" lol.


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