September 2, 2014

Thoughts on a Tuesday

I did a post in August on a Tuesday about some thoughts and just had so much fun, alliteration and all, that I decided to do it again! Maybe I will make this a monthly thing, who knows...

But what I do know, is that I blogged every single weekday in August! Oh my gosh it is so cool for me to have not skipped a day blogging. I love it! #CantStopWontStop

Recent favorites
Discussed the house replacing faucets, putting in granite, installing transitions, and I still need your guys opinion on the backyard!
Discussed Harry Potter twice this month. Once here and the other here along with some blogging ideas
Discussing learning from my work, which is being a nurse.
Why I hate coming up with blog post titles

Recent thoughts

Readers of blogs, survey question: Does it matter when content is published on the favorite blogs you read? And by that I mean, do you like that every morning at 7am you know your favorite blogger will have a post or does it not matter when they post, so long as it is consistent? Just curious...

Haha, this was a spot on article for me! Anyone who has been a swimmer will totally get it!
Goes along with my blog post about being a lifeguard too!

This article made a lot of sense out of things that don't make sense. Thanks again BuzzFeed!

Oh and everything you need to know about New Mexican food is here! My mouth is watering.

August goals
How did I do?!?

1. I won't ever give up chocolate, but I can at least start exercising. I did one episode of Insanity on Sunday and was super sore on Monday. But in resting my sore legs during a chocolate binge I found Glisten Fit and think I may give that a whirl. Let's exercise daily this month, k?!

I didn't do Glisten Fit but I did Insanity. Maybe month to month I will switch up my workouts to see what works for me. I didn't exercise everyday, but I want to try working out more and eating better next month.

2. Have a blog post everyday and really start making my blog into a place other people besides me can and will enjoy!

BAM! Nailed it! Now I have to further my goals in September (see below)

3. Decide and set a budget on my work for the backyard.

Crickets. Although I did ask for some help here! Please read my predicament and help a blogger out!

4. Try to start organizing all of my computer files, photos, and music.

I started. I would like to get further here in September. 

September goals

1. Keep up working out and do it more and eat really well. My goal is to see a change for the better in my body this month.

2. Build my blog to include more comments and followers. (On Tuesdays we shamelessly show the world how popular we truly want to be...)

3. Try frozen meal planning (for easier weeknight prep)

4. Enjoy each and every weekend to the fullest! I am ready for some football!! YEAH!!

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  1. You've definitely been on top of it with blogging lately! :) I don't find it matters too much what time of day people post, but my most rabid blog fan (my mother) has been known to send in complaint emails when, at 7:00 on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, there is no brand new blog post for her. So, for her I stick to a schedule. I don't know if anyone else cares.


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