October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I love Halloween. It is such a fun holiday. This Halloween will be a little unconventional for me as I attend a wedding. I get to watch my husband stand next to his best friend. It should shape up to be a nice night. 

I personally wouldn't want to get married on Halloween as much as I love the holiday. I like to have as many holidays as possible and I don't want to spend my anniversary trick or treating with my future kids.

There are just so many great Halloween traditions I love.

There is the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Truly a classic.

Holiday decorations. Pumpkins, lights, fall, I just love it all!

Handing out candy (and having an excuse to eat some yourself)

Getting all dressed up because you are never too old!

Off to celebrate for me!
What are your favorite things about Halloween?


  1. I love those costumes of yours! I'm with you, I like to maximize holidays, so I wouldn't want to get married on any holiday. As it is, I think our anniversary is a little too close to Christmas, since I prefer celebratory occasions spread throughout the year..but we picked the date based on when the church was available. haha!

  2. Aw, cute costume! Did your friend's Halloween wedding include costumes as well? I could see that being fun! (although I agree - I'd rather have a random date not attached to a holiday ;)

  3. I love dressing up! Did it again for a work party this year and there were some hysterically nerdy costumes!


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