October 14, 2014

I Was a Unique Kid

Kids are funny.
There always seem to be some unique things we all do as kids and it is totally funny to look back on it all.
I am sorry mom for all you put up with from me. :-)

For instance...

I ate butter. Yep, just would get a spoon or take a bite off the ol stick. I won't say anymore...

I hit, bit, kicked, and screamed. Bad attitude kid over here.
(I have gotten better guys! I promise, be my friend!)

I spoke my own language.
Conkey=Candy for example...

My mom didn't cut my hair for the longest time because she loved my curls. I went from having a tender head to NOT.

I learned to crawl backwards before I crawled forward.

I smiled weird as a kid. Think Lilly from Modern Family.

I have never liked sleeping alone.

What are some funny things you did as a kid or your kid does now?


  1. Those little curls are cute; and I like the crafted shirts in the first picture!

  2. I'm a butter lover as well! I went through a period where all I would eat was butter bread sandwiches. When I think back on it now, it makes me sick in a way even though I still love it!

  3. I love this. I wore a pin when I was a kid that said: Normal is boring. So, I totally get you! We would have been besties. :)
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  4. Such a cute post! I always wore a tank top under my shirts. And when I started wearing a bra, it went under the bra.

  5. Haha you're still a unique person :P I ate pasta with butter and salt every day as a child... Nothing else.


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