October 28, 2014

Out and About

My weekends have been consumed in October!
Basically New Mexico and Football are keeping me busy!

I have been back to New Mexico a couple of weekends to visit family and since Kevin is preparing for his best friends wedding. I got to visit with one of my friends who came back from Africa. Sadly due to Ebola and all that...but I am happy to have her back!
I am sometimes surprised that I write a blog because I am sometimes a wacko friend over emails and texts. I feel bad for anyone that has to read my emails or texts because they are just completely what rolls off the top of my head...and my head is completely nuts.

But I love having friends like her that I can talk to about anything. I don't have edit any of those thoughts that roll out.

This weekend her and my other best girlfriend got together we had a total girls day. It was amazing!

I wanna do it again!
They both just need to move one state over to me!

I also got to see my sweet littlest sister. We were just missing our middle!

My girlfriends and I:

My sister and I:

Kevin and I cheering on our football teams:

And how bout them Broncos!
Football season is my favorite season.

All of these were on my insta.


  1. Your girls day sounded fun! I need one of those soon!! There's nothing like getting together with your best girlfriends and doing whatever together!

  2. Your day sounds like it was so much fun, I totally need a day like that.

  3. I wish we could have our girls days back :(


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