October 30, 2014

You Must Not Know About Me...

This is me.

I see some new faces, which excites me to no end!! (I may or may have not done a happy dance to Shake it Off...)
So I thought I would share some things about me. For those of you who aren't new, you may not know some of these things either.

I have a new found love for hiking.

I reject anything that involves malted anything.

My husband loves Star Wars. I don't. The force isn't with me. 
Harry Potter is with me.

My go-to drink is a glass of wine (preferably chardonnay). 

I rarely sleep past 7am.

Two things I can't live without? Chapstick and mascara. 

I truly believe in making wishes at 10:10, 11:11, etc...

I don't own cable.

I don't own a red shirt. Or orange. Or yellow. I think I need a shopping trip.

I have never had a beer or soda in my life.

I cannot braid my own hair.

I wear sunglasses to avoid makeup, not to look chic.

It is hard for me to embrace the selfie.

I cannot take outfit photos. It is just awkward.

Fall and Football Season. The best. That is all.

Tell me something I don't know about you!


  1. wearing sunglass to avoid makeup hehehe cool.

  2. Wait, how can Harry be with you if he's with ME!? haha! Mmmmm what I would do for a nice glass of Merlot right now! <3 wine!

  3. Old Navy could easily (and not break the bank) help you fix that shirt color problem

  4. I wear sunglasses so that I can see! (prescription lenses) definitely not to look cool, because if i wear them, I generally don't have my other glasses on me, too, so I'm stuck wearing sunglasses the whole day.

  5. I had no idea that you had never had soda!! I also own zero orange or yellow anything. I don't look good in them! And we should do a few outfit posts while I'm out for Thanksgiving together


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