November 12, 2014

A Not So Special Place in my Heart

When I was in high school, we read Dante's Inferno. I loved the book, it was perfectly written interweaving a story through the complex levels of Hell. We had a project where we had to put someone in a level of Hell. My boyfriend and I at the time (oh wait that was Kevin!!!) teamed up. I came up with the story of who to put in hell and he did all the technical work of putting it in canto form. We placed people who censored books in Hell. 

Long story short, I had a teacher I still today believe a very small man as a teacher. He accused me of plagiarism. This hurt me. A lot more than it should have because I did not steal not any percent of this project from anyone. 

A place in hell is a harsh way of saying people I don't like. Because contrary to popular belief, I, nor anyone else, decides who goes where after we die. Only God...

The following are people who do not hold a special place in my heart for...

Parents who expect other people to raise their children.
You had it, you raise it (or let someone else adopt them). It is not a puppy you got for Christmas that you can't handle (you shouldn't do that either). You don't drop a kid off at a shelter or your mother's house. Do not spend every night out at the bar instead of raising what you created.

People who phrase things in a way that is a clear cry for attention and then get mad when attention is not given to them.
Do not say "my boyfriend can be such a jerk" or "last week was awful" unless you have some sentences to explain because I will not ask why. If you want to talk about something, spit it out. I am not going to pull it out of you. We are not teenagers.

Students who ask questions with less than 5 minutes left in class.
I am not in school anymore, but I never liked this kid. Do not keep everyone later because of your question. There is such a thing as a stupid question. And need I remind you that you can email, ask after class, or go to office hours. 

People who do not tip.
I have had some sucky service and therefore have given some smaller tips in my day, but not tipping period...woah I do not think I could ever do that. We can argue about tipping in general (an idea of which I do not like) but never the less, tipping is how these people make their money as they make less than minimum wage and can only rely on tips to increase that. Give them something!

Google Plus.
Enough said.
Hahaha - this made me lol.  Google+ is stupid.
What do people do that irks you?


  1. so does this mean you hate me because I actually like Google+? Kidding!

    I don't think I've ever not tipped.

  2. I hate last minute question askers too. Just wait until after class of its that important.

  3. I don't understand people who just throw out those one liners either!

  4. The one liners thing is a big reason why I am about ready to delete Facebook! I am so tired of one-liner complainers.

  5. I don't get google plus at all...its just...well, no. Also, I hate last minute question the kid who calls RIGHT as I am putting the phone on voice mail to ask if they can get a class override.

  6. Stand on the left side of the escalator....


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