November 24, 2014

Black Friday

People either love or hate Black Friday Thursday Weekend. I seriously think that stores are hurting their own awesome promotion they have by making it last longer or starting earlier.

Leave it Black Friday!! 

And why are people shopping on Thanksgiving and not getting it on with the wine bottle?!? (Two things not to do and drink. Trust me!) I would imagine you would have more sales for people trying to clamor over a deal that one day than if they know the deals will be there more than a day. But I digress...what do I know about sales...I am over here in the medical field far away from all that.

The Savey Greedy Games premieres tonight 8/7c. May the Prices be ever in your favor

That being said I guess you can tell I don't like Black Friday. It is crowded and I far prefer nursing a hangover watching TV after being filled to the brim on Thanksgiving.

Here are some tips however if you decide to venture out:

Get a game plan: Don't just run around looking for things. Make a list of stores you wanna hit and what you want to get from them. Otherwise you will miss all the best deals and may get trampled.

Trust no one, except one person: people may seem nice, until they swipe the last TV or won't let you back into a line. But do bring a buddy to do Black Friday with. They are good for standing in lines while you shop and you can vice verca do the same for them. 

Wear comfortable shoes: And don't wait to buy them on Black Friday. Start out with them.

Resist temptation: Gotta make sure you are still on that game plan I mentioned! Stores make everything look extra good! 

Bring Snacks: Don't bring a huge purse to weigh you down while your shopping, but please remember to eat before and possibly bring snacks during. No one wants to see you hungry and stressed and getting trampled and not sticking to a game plan because you are hypoglycemic.

Bring Lauren something: Cause....yeah! Especially if it is a beautiful Swarovski Crystal ornament. Love those. PleaseAndThankYou!

"First rule for Black Friday shopping, there are no rules." // #Fashion

Who is doing Black Friday this year?


  1. Hahahahaha both of those memes are hilarious!!! Black thank you!!! I worked at the mall one time for Black Friday and it was absolute bedlam! I'll stay at home, thanks!

  2. Haha that last picture! I've never Black Fridayed (because it can be used as a verb...right?) I just don't have ENOUGH people to shop for that it's worth it. I imagine I'll do it someday when I have kids though. I've always wanted to do it just to say I did

  3. I definitely will not be shopping on Black Friday unless its from the comfort of my couch!

  4. How funny! We'll see if black friday happens in st. louis this year!

  5. I used to do it for years but haven't in a loooonnnggg time. The older I get the less patience I have for crowds... or people in general really! hahahaha

  6. I always used to go Black Friday shopping--it was busy, of course, but never seemed that crazy. Of course, we were never in it for the big-ticket items, so that helps. Last year I helped my mom and aunt buy bras on sale for my little sisters and cousins. Seems like a small thing, but when you have half a dozen teenage girls, getting decent bras for $9 instead of $40 apiece makes a difference... haha!

  7. We don't do Black Friday in Canada, but it sounds like pure torture. I've done boxing day sales before and that was bad enough! Seriously though, we plan our shopping around when it will be the quietest! Oh, and I can't even imagine what it's like when the shoppers get hungry haha


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