November 13, 2014

Guacamole Tostadas

My obsession with guacamole never sleeps.

Make my classic guacamole. Only changes made is that you need to make sure the tomatoes are extra chunky and add some cooked corn and cilantro leaves to the mix. Add this mixture to the top of a fried corn tortilla and top with some shredded cheese. So yummy!

This is pretty much one of those recipes you make when you want dinner fast.
This is also what you post on your blog when you are short on time...

You win some and lose some.


Lots of Lauren's Guacamole
Corn Tortillas
Frozen corn, cooked per directions
Cilantro, optional


In a pan, warm the corn tortillas. Once warm, place on a plate and top with guacamole, corn, and cilantro if you would like. It is seriously just that easy!


Have a happy Thursday!!


  1. I seriously want these for dinner...ASAP. Why is it only 10am???

  2. Tostadas were always Angel's go-to for a quick bite. This combo looks really good!

  3. You know how to make my heart happy. You know today is national guacamole day, right?


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