November 3, 2014

How do you Like Your Sandwich?

In general, I like to think I know Kevin pretty well. We've been together for almost ten years and married for coming on three years. For example, I know that he likes almost every food but will refuse to eat mushrooms. I know...not an earth shattering thing to know about someone, but when I think about it, I think I know him pretty well. 

I am not the perfect wife, not the great cook/bake girl, but when I can, I love to do that for him. He works hard and makes balance seem easy. He studies for exams, he socializes with co-workers, and he is on top of everything here at home!

When Kevin and I go skiing, I make us lunch. I was making lunch for us in Colorado last ski season and as I got down to it, I realized there were choices of meat: turkey, ham, and salami. Yum! I put all three types of meat on my sandwich and for some reason I suddenly thought "what meat does Kevin want?" I would have guessed all of them. I buy turkey at home. But then I just decided to ask him. He said ham and salami.

Excuse me? But I always buy turkey for home when we make deli sandwiches....

I mention this and turns out as he let me know, he likes turkey, but does prefer salami and ham over turkey.

Wow! Obviously, this is no big deal. Marriage and relationships, are, after all, about learning about each other. But I was surprised, because even when I thought I had known him so well, one of the most basic facts had alluded me.

So 9 years, 3 months and 17 days after Kevin first asked me out, I found out that he prefers ham to turkey. Something else to add the the list of things I know about Kevin.

I think of this today as I just made him a ham sandwich :-)
What do you prefer on your deli sandwich?
What is the most recent thing you have learned about your spouse?


  1. hahaha--yep, it's always a learning process! Not all that long ago, we were walking around Target in the US and Angel was like, "When I worked at Target..." and I was did i never know you once worked at Target?

  2. Hahaha love it! Don't have a spouse to learn about, but I did just learn that one of my besties has never had a soda in her life ;)

  3. I feel like my husband doesn't have favorites- which makes learning his preferences even harder! He's always changing things up! xox giedre


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