November 21, 2014

I Believe

I believe everyone did this post a year ago but I am getting to it just now cause I can.
I Believe In Pink  - Audrey Hepburn

I believe watching football counts as a productive Sunday.

I believe crisp fall air awakens the soul.

I believe that chocolate in any form can make a bad day feel better.

I believe that a good hug is about the only thing better than chocolate.

I believe that having a night-in with a few great girlfriends and copious amounts of wine is a necessity at least once every couple of months.

I believe that you can never over-tell your husband how much you love and appreciate him.

I believe that a great pair of heels can make an outfit and can increase your confidence dramatically.

I believe in everything Christmas related and taking all of it in while it lasts! Even when you are in the desert!

I believe that blogging is good for the soul - that even if you don't hit 'publish' it helps to write out feelings.

I believe in blasting and singing to your favorite song over and over again.

I believe in the power of a good pedicure.

I believe in great views and traveling often.

What are some things you believe in?


  1. girl's wine nights are the best! I haven't had one in SO long because all of my girlfriends moved away within 6 months of each other. :(

    Happy Friday!

  2. I've never spent Christmas in the desert (though I have spent it on the beach)--sounds like a pretty cool location for the holiday, honestly!


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