November 5, 2014

Mistakes Made

Nurses all have these periods where we just wanna throw in the hat. These last couple of weeks, I was so tired and the patients were sick, some of them even died.  It can be overwhelming. What can be more overwhelming is collecting your thoughts and realizing that you made some mistakes. Thankfully none of my mistakes have had bad consequences. That would really tear me up.

I know that I'm human. As a manager, that is what I tell my nurses when they make mistakes, but patients I think sometimes forget that. Nurses and doctors aren't allowed to make mistakes. There is little tolerance for the mistakes made by medical health professionals. While I appreciate being held to a high standard, the pressure gets to be a little too much sometimes.

The thing about it, is that there is so much information that we could not possibly know everything correct and how to do it. Therefore we have to make judgement calls sometimes. We practice medicine. Practicing forever because we never perfect it. We are always learning.

Like I mentioned above, I am in a leadership role in my nursing profession. I'm expected to know what I'm doing.  There are no parties thrown if i get it right because that's what i'm supposed to do:  get it right. 

When we make mistakes we own up to it. (Most of us anyway, there are some really bad nurses out there too and some nurses that are too scared.) There is no glory in admitting error. It is incredibly hard.

On the flip, it is also motivating.  It makes you read more and learn more because you want to make less mistakes. You do anything and everything to avoid that feeling of having to tell someone it was your fault. I know it will never completely go away...i'll never stop being human. I will make mistakes. The fewer the better though, because even if my boss forgives me or a patient is fine, it's so incredibly hard to forgive myself.

And with all that talk out of the way, I think I may have a bit of good news! I won't jinx it but I may actually be able to spend Thanksgiving AND Christmas with my family this year! 

Stay tuned.


  1. oooh fingers crossed you get both holidays with your family :)

  2. We all make mistakes. They're never fun, but we move on. Ahhh yay for spending time with family!!

  3. Such an inspiring post! I thought of you when we were in the hospital the end of Oct, just because we were always surrounded by nurses!


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