November 11, 2014

My Husband the Electrician

Alright, another house post. I am here to tell you about putting in new lighting fixtures!

Note, that I don't agree people should take on these projects on their own without the opinion or help of a licensed electrician, Kevin was just able to do this project on his own.

If you are unable to do the work without the help of an electrician, try doing as much pre-work for the electricians as possible since you pay them by the hour for their time. We always remove old fixtures (like the fan, the fluorescents, etc). After turning off the power to them of course...captain cover my butt right there. ;-)

Lighting makes a room.  Kevin and I knew we needed to do something after getting granite and painting the cabinets and installing a back splash. The lights were dated and the light was more on the yellow-y side of things.

We found our fixtures at Home Depot. Initially we went to Lowe's and picked one out that had four track lights but realized it was way to short for the space. We used it in the laundry room, so no harm no foul done there, but only Home Depot had a modern looking track light with 6 pendants. 

Pretty huh! The track lights came with halogens. Now I love the light that it gives off, but boy those suckers can get hot and waste lots of electricity. To help this, Kevin replaced four of the six with an LED light. 

This helps keep our Arizona kitchen cooler and saves us about 5 bucks a month. Not counting the money saved by not needing to cool down an extra 400 watts of heat!

Had we replaced them all with LEDs we would be saving 8 bucks a month, but it was a slightly dimmer light and I didn't dig that.

Kevin also replaced the lights in our bathroom. I mean sure I really dug those old classic ball looking lights, but I guess it was time for a change. ;-)

Now I just have to figure out what to do above the cabinets.
I am finding it hard to decorate up there.
Any ideas?


  1. OMG your kitchen is like one from a magazine, you guys did a great job!

  2. No ideas, but I do need a Kevin to do all of my house work for me :P

  3. I agree with Lindsay!! and since the holidays are around the corner you can decorate with a garland and christmas lights (I think I saw this on Pinterest). ;) Even though, I don't know how much light this would be adding.. if that's what you were looking for?

  4. Your kitchen is amazing! For above the cabinets, maybe some nice vases or fancy pitchers? You can even try a nice art print or sign. :)


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