December 12, 2014

Traveling Holidays

It is that time of year again. The time of year where people often end up asking "Do we stay home, or get on a plane?" There is this luxurious (read: hectic) holiday stretch of time that is often a million times more popular to travel. (clearly I don't have the most accurate statistic, but go with me...)

There is the traditional stay put and the adventurous go somewhere scenarios that have their appeal. There is comfort in the known--the countdown and aftermath of the annual family holiday gathering at home, the menu planning, and the days of doing nothing around the house in fuzzy slippers. On the other hand, unless you are a nurse or someone who works around the clock, it is the one time of year when almost nobody is looking for you. Your inbox fills only with warm holiday wishes rather than demands for your presence at a conference call. Therefore, it is the time of year when you can skip town and create new traditions just about anywhere in the world....whether it be a two hour car ride or a 12 hour plane ride.

There was one Christmas where Kevin's parents took us to Hawaii for Christmas, otherwise, we have been more of the stay put for Christmas kind of people. Granted mostly it is probably because I work (I wasn't yet working when we went to Hawaii).

Now obviously some of us travel to see family and that is a nice cozy mix of the two, but I am curious:
 Which way do you lean around the holidays?

December 4, 2014

Have Yourself a Happier Little Christmas

Are you already stressing about Christmas? Four days into December, and I already am! I don’t know what it is about the holidays, but it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. There is just so much to do which puts on a lot of pressure, don’t ya think?

As I was trying to figure out how to manage some of these stresses, I realized that there are some easy solutions. Okay, maybe not as easy as I would like (as in, press the Easy Button), but still pretty easy. (that is a lot of the word easy for one paragraph!) And sticking to them would actually make my holidays way more fun and easy happy. Yay, right?

Maybe they’ll help you out, too. Here are my tips for having a happy littler (is that a word?!) holiday.

To be a little less crazed...
Stop obsessing about finding the perfect gift for everyone: I love gift giving, but I am terrible at it. I stress every holiday a gift is involved trying to find the perfect gift for the person I am shopping for. I spend a ton of time trying to come up with the perfect gift ideas for everyone on my list and then am let down if I don't find it, or it doesn't illicit the same reaction I thought it would. Sometimes a gift is just a gift. So it is okay not to totally go crazed over it. Yes, putting thought and effort into the gifts we give is great. But obsessing and stressing is not. So chill Lauren, chill!!

To be a little thinner....
Find a happy balance when it comes to food: Sugar cookies, puppy chow, cheese dips… a whole lot of awful-for-you-but-oh-so-good goodies are everywhere. And who are we kidding? They are part of the holiday experience. But they can make us feel not-so-great about ourselves...five pounds later. That is not little. So what is a festive girl to do? Well, instead of depriving ourselves of them completely or stuffing our faces until we feel sick, let’s just find a nice middle ground. Enjoy a cookie or some hot cocoa, but don’t overindulge. (Easier said than done!)

To be a little less stressed...
Don’t beat yourself up over every little thing: My Christmas light display isn't as my neighbor...My wrapping isn't as pretty as my coworker's...My cookies don't taste as good as my friends...AHH! Stop stressing! Do what you want each Christmas and enjoy yourself for it. If we all stop competing or caring to compete with each other, it will be a calmer, less stressful Christmas for everyone.

To be a little more happy...
Be thankful: Growing up, the best part of Christmas was the gifts. As kids, my sisters and I would spend hours creating our wish lists, dreaming about the cool stuff we would find under the tree. Unfortunately, I think a lot of us have focus on the gifts even as adults–both giving and getting. Instead of placing so much stock into the gifts we have given and received, let’s take the time to be thankful for the things we already own and the relationships we already have with those we’re giving to.

How do you deal with the holiday stress?

December 3, 2014

Design Lover Gifts

It is now the month of Christmas!
Now I am starting along with many others to think of gift ideas.
If you have some design lovers in your life, here is a quick list of ideas for them!

1. Sleek Humidifier
Sleek Humidifier
Found here.

2. iPad Nexus Stand
Forget the iPad! I will put my stylish Nexus on this stylish stand!
iPad stand

3. Trays
Some really cool trays that aren't a million dollars....these ones were on Joss and Main.
Cheyenne Tray (Set of 4)
4. Modern Clock
Banish your cell phone on your nightstand and replace it with this

5. Sleek Candleholders
I absolutely love these ones from Crate and Barrel! 
3-Piece Arden Candleholder Set

No but seriously, who wants to get me those candlesticks?!? So pretty!

December 2, 2014

Things I Love...gifs

When all else fails and you don't know what to blog about, blog with gifs.

Three things I love right now

Seeing my family!

That ski season is coming up!

That Christmas time is almost here!

What are you loving right now?
Is everyone still as full as I am from Thanksgiving?

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