January 6, 2015

Catching Up

Hey! I was so good for a while posting and then crickets. I am so excited to finally be back in the swing of things. Work and the holiday season in general completely messed up my blogging schedule, but I hope to be back for good starting today! 

Since I've been MIA for so long, I thought I would do a little post catching up with you about what I've been up to these past few weeks. There are been some weeks/days that work has completely drained me. So I spent most of my days on autopilot: work, eat, sleep, repeat. I therefore am all caught up on the new TV show State of Affairs (I actually like it!). 

I also spent a lot of time rocking my Fantasy Football Season. I play in two leagues and made it to the finals in both. I had beaten both in the regular season but then lost all the marbles in the final week. Sad day! But congrats to Jason and Nate!

Then, Christmas came and went (seriously... how fast did it fly by?) It seriously came so fast I got minimal Christmas decor up. But it was okay because I enjoyed my first Christmas off of work spending lots of time with mine and my husbands family. It was our first Christmas with Jax too. He seriously thinks he is a lap dog and just wants you to pet him 24-7.

And now here I am. Now what?!

I have a couple of goals for 2015:
one // stop writing 2014 on all my documentation. 
two // travel
three // take better quality pictures
four // grow my blog
five // healthy eating and working out
six // complete projects around the house
seven // organize my computer
eight // learn how to wear scarves (Anyone have any favorite tutorials?!)
nine // run at least one 5k
ten // win a fantasy football league

Here is to a new year and me back to what I love doing and coming up with new content to share!
If you have any post requests, do comment them below! 


  1. OMG your dog is so cute!! Good resolutions! I'm hoping to blog more regularly in 2015 too!! Happy new year!

  2. You are so right! Christmas just flew by this year- it seems like all of 2014 was over in a second! I need to do just about all of the goals you have listed for 2015-- I would definitely check Pinterest for scarf tutorials!

  3. John got to the finals in one of his leagues. He lost $800 in 6 seconds. Boo! So glad you're back :) I'm getting back on the blog horse too.


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