January 12, 2015

Huevos Rancheros

On Sunday mornings, there is something about seeing my husband in the kitchen. It is magical and a time for us together in a different way that only Sunday morning can bring about. We share this moment with three things: eggs, beans and chiles. No joke.

Huevos rancheros are pretty much standard in New Mexico. It is what I grew up with. In New Mexico, late August and September is prime chili-roasting season, when practically every grocery store parking lot and major intersection has a roasting crate filled with bright green pods, giving off a most wonderful smell. On a Saturday night, my family and I would go and purchase our green chile and then we would take home pounds upon pounds upon pounds and bag them. It was warm Saturday nights like this where burning fingers (and hopefully not eyes) on the uncovered patio were spent. Then Sunday morning would come and tortillas and fried eggs and spoonfuls of beans, and huge helping of helping of our new green chiles would happen.

Kevin and I still have our parents stock up for us even one state away. We love making huevos rancheros. Sorry Arizona, but good huevos rancheros is hard to come by here. I will make them gladly.

(Makes two)


Four Corn Tortillas
Lots of Cheese
Four eggs
Kevin's Salsa (Or any salsa you like!)


Pan warm your tortillas.

Cook the eggs over easy your eggs. 

Place one egg on each warmed tortillas, cover with salsa and top with massive amounts of cheese. 

Then enjoy!!

What is your favorite Sunday morning breakfast food?


  1. I've never tried this, but it looks delicious! All that cheese <3

  2. If I had flour tortillas I would definitely try this recipe.. my mom gave me a bunch of Chiles to bring with me, because the ones here are not spicy!


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