January 13, 2015

Organizing that Garage

House improvements continue!

One thing that took us a while to get around to was organizing the garage. I could be more organized there, but for now I am as organized as I need to be. I also wasn't going for pretty, but rather, get the job done quick!

My favorite thing to organize was the peg board. It hold and displays all of Kevin's tools perfectly so that even (maybe) when he yells for something I can get it for him (if I know what it looks like).

Below the pegboard, Kevin used the old laminate counter tops from the kitchen as a work table for the space. I think it will be quite useful for him!

And of course Kevin planned it all out on the computer. Ya know for the measurements ;-)
(Really he just has fun doing it, I think!)

Kevin built the shelves himself. All of the lumber came to about $150. This shelving unit is incredibly strong and can hold several hundred pounds. If we were to have purchased pre-made shelving the same size and capacity, we would've spent more that twice that amount.

There was a lot of me looking at old items and telling Kevin to get rid of them and Kevin telling me they could come in useful later. There was a lot of honest to gosh compromise here. 

My next thing to do is get a clear tackle box/jewelry holder for all of the sprawling assortment of nails and screws that have been collected through the years. Anyone have any favorites?

I feel more at peace driving into my garage knowing that I am far more organized now. 
What a good feeling!

Anyone else in love with peg board!?


  1. Great job! We had a peg board in Florida. We ended up leaving it and now regret that decision.

  2. t looks nice, its cool that he was able to do it himself. What program did he use!

  3. Ahhh so nice! Can he come out and build me some shelving when I get a permanent residence in Boston?


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