March 9, 2015

A Story of a Torn ACL

Another big absence off of the blog. I truly do not enjoy these breaks I am taking.
First off I had to put first what makes me money and that is my day/night job of being a nurse.

Then I tore my ACL and MCL as many of you who follow me on Instagram know.

The process has been interesting. I truly never knew what recovery would entail. 
My recovery will take a long time.

I did this in January and I have had to heal and learn to walk again. The doctors wanted my MCL to heal so that it lowers the risk of rupturing when they reconstruct my ACL.

Enough of the heavy. Today I was supposed to have my surgery.
It got postponed because I did not have enough range of motion. Now I will do physical therapy to hopefully have surgery later this March.

Then it will be recovery where I will be in bed and in pain hopefully blogging to take my mind off all that. Then trying to balance home, work, and therapy.

Thank gosh I have such a great husband and support team!

I hope to be back and better than ever after my recovery.
Follow me on Instagram: lifelovelauren7 if you wanna see a lot of therapy rooms.
Just kidding...I won't post that many.


  1. We follow each other on IG but somehow I missed this - how did you do this?? I've done the ACL thing and my miniscus, yeah they never found it so I understand parts of what you're going through - especially the lack of range of motion and the therapy that hurt like h-e-double hockey sticks!! Good luck!

  2. Your doing great it takes so long to heal from surgery. I have my second surgery this month for removal of my left rib. I have TOS . But like you were saying you have to learn how to walk again. I had to learn how to use my arms again. I will follow you on insta gram.. good luck

  3. Oh my goodness :( I had no idea this happened! I hope you're healing, lady, and wishing you feel better, soon. Injuries are the worst :(

  4. Oh no!, how did I miss this? Hope it heals well and fast post surgery. 😊


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