March 19, 2015

How to Sharpen Your Scissors

I am one of those people that has never been able to cut even a straight line on a paper. Craft time as a kid, trying to cut the wrapping paper, making cards for others...all experiences that don't often turn out pretty for Lauren.

Oh and dull scissors make that even harder on me! 

My husband once tried to sharpen them with a knife sharpener. 
Kids, don't try that at home! You will have to buy new scissors.

Now my new scissors have been apart of the family for a while. Now I know how to sharpen them!
I had read that you could use aluminum foil to sharpen them. And yay it works! But I found a better way...

Which my scissors need because I am rough on them! (Yes, I know you are supposed to cut wire with wire cutters, but sometimes my scissors are closer...haha!)

Anyway, get to the point Lauren, you are babbling...

That is the trick.

The sandpaper sharpens the blade and smooths out any nicks in the blade.
The finer grit of your sandpaper, the smoother the blades will be.

It is as simple as folding the sandpaper rough side out and cutting through it!

This works for not only my craft/home scissors but also for my bandage/work scissors. I am sure these would work for fabric or other types of scissors.

Try it out! Let me know what you think!

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  1. I've never actually heard of this trick! I've heard that cutting aluminum foil can help, too, but I've not tried that, either. Angel had a pair of bandage scissors at the house--I actually used them on a lot of things because of how tough they were! haha.


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