March 26, 2015

It is the Worst When...

This has just been my week so far...

You get excited about using a recipe, using lots of time, ingredients, and money for the recipe, for it to come out awful. And the worst part is that there are plenty PLENTY of leftovers.

Writing a long nurse's note at work just to have something distract you and your computer to time out and all your charting to be gone...

You have to go to the dentist and are not looking forward to it. Of course your husband is because he has never had a cavity. And I'm all...
People like him do not count! 

When it is Thursday but you thought the whole morning that it was Friday.

When my DVR tells me there are no more shows to watch.

Since I cannot walk and people tell me their vacation plans.

When people ask me if I am in pain. (Duh, yes I am)
Sorry that one was the pain talking...

I should stop.

What's made you go
What Is The Worst Thing That Happened To You While Living On Your Own?
this week?


  1. Yesss to the recipe one! I never know if I'm more mad because I was looking forward to the recipe so much or because of all of the wasted money! Either way it's never good!

  2. I know how you feel :(
    My pregnancy hormones are all over the place at the moment, and stupid little things people say to me at the moment really annoy me! I'm just like 'JUST LEAVE ME AAAAALONE!!'
    Hope you feel better soon <3
    Sarah xx


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