March 23, 2015

Link Love

Surgery happened for me on Friday, so this post is coming to you scheduled. Right now I am hopefully catching up on re-runs of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and not in too much pain.

Wishful thinking I am sure.
In my time cooped up in bed I found lots of great links I tried that you have got to check out!

I love this blog calendar! Fair warning to those without apple products, you have to play around a lot with it to get the size and orientation right.

I admitted to my husband that Christina is my blogger spirit animal. Her Crockpot Brown Sugar Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin sealed the deal!

I don't often use recipes and go by the beat of my own drum in the kitchen coming up with stuff. Guess I got that from my father! It drives Kevin crazy that I don't follow recipes. I have been very good about giving him recipes to cook for dinner every night with my knee being out of commission. I had him follow this recipe to make Cloud Bread to succeed in giving up bread (with the carbs) for Lent. He even under cooked them to the recipe's standards, but it came out tasting burnt. Some were burnt on the edges and were not salvageable. I guess I chose the healthy life, but the healthy life doesn't choose me. A while back I did not succeed with cauliflower pizza crust. Gah! Healthy people give me your wisdom!!

I did succeed using cauliflower to make soup and I will def be sharing that recipe soon! It was soooo good!

Apart from food, Nina Pham the nurse that was infected with Ebola is now suing the hospital she worked for. Kati wrote an amazing post about it. Could not have said it better!

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  1. Aww good luck on the recovery! At least nothing major has happened at the moment - when I was bedridden for my ACL back in 1999, that's when JFK Jr's plane had gone down and was glued to it, making TV not so friendly for this patient.

  2. I really hope You're not in much pain. Ive added you on snapshot, xxdinlo88, mine are most of avid thiugh! Haha


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